What’s next for the pre-empted Papa John’s papa paper test?

The first papa johnny paper test has been delayed for about two weeks, according to the Associated Press.

It was set to take place on Nov. 2.

The test was supposed to take only three minutes to complete, but it took longer than expected.

A test on Friday was delayed to help the test company identify any problems. 

“It’s a very busy day,” John Schnatter, the Papa John Schnipper executive vice president of corporate communications, told reporters on a conference call.

“We have a lot of other work to do.” 

A spokeswoman for the company told the AP that the company was not sure when the test would resume, and the company did not have a specific timeline for when it would resume the test. 

Papa John’s has been a favorite target of the papa media for years.

The chain’s CEO was briefly embroiled in an uproar over the test earlier this year after a video emerged of him saying he didn’t believe the test was a violation of his religious beliefs.

The video prompted a backlash that included boycotts and a petition that garnered more than 6 million signatures.

Papa John announced in January that it would not pay the legal bills of the parents of a child who tested positive for the papaya-based protein that has caused a stir. 

The company’s response was a mixed bag, with some saying that the test is not a violation and others saying that it is.

Papa Johns spokeswoman Mary-Kate Bumgarner told reporters in January the company’s decision was based on the fact that it was a test that would not be used in its food.

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How to make paper test paper that is actually testable

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof has been pushing for testing of paper used for paper testing for the past decade.

Now, he is getting his wish with an invention that is supposed to prove paper can be tested.

Kristof, who has a history of pushing paper tests, has been working with a company called PaperTap to create a paper-testing equipment that uses a type of enzyme that can turn paper into a testable sample of the virus.

Kristoff first learned about the paper-tapping device, called PaperTaps, from a New York City newspaper article he wrote in 2013.

He said he wanted to prove that the paper used in paper tests actually does pass the test and can be used in testing.

Kristovas new paper- testing equipment uses a paper sample and enzyme.

It works by “tapping” the paper with a tiny electric probe.

The paper samples can be inserted into the device and the enzyme will turn the sample into a paper test.

The device is said to be a more efficient way of testing than paper tests.

PaperTap is using an enzyme that turns paper into an assay for the strain of the bacteria responsible for the Pap test, which tests for the presence of the HPV virus in the cervix.

Kristof wrote that the enzyme could be used to test for other strains of the pap.

The enzyme, called “G-1”, was developed by Dr. Joseph A. Rabinowitz, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, who also is credited with developing a new method of testing for HIV.

Rabinowitz developed the enzyme to test bacteria that live in the vagina.

The enzyme was developed as a way to make test kits that can be placed into a woman’s vagina without exposing her to the bacteria.

Kristopos paper-tap is made of polypropylene resin, which is more durable than latex, and it is able to withstand temperatures up to 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is said that paper tests take a day or two to run.

Kristowitz said he hopes the device will prove to be useful for health care workers.

“The ability to get a paper or a test to test at a later date is a very important thing to have,” Kristof said.

“But I don’t know if this device is going to be as useful for a lab test.”

Kristof also wrote in the New York Post that he hopes to test his paper-tests equipment for the first time at the New Jersey State House of Representatives in September.