Which is better: The toilet paper or the paper burst taker?

Prepaid paper is a popular choice in some countries, but it has also been used as a substitute for the toilet paper for people who have problems using toilet paper.

In a report released Tuesday, the International Olympic Committee said the use of disposable paper products is not only unsafe but can lead to health problems.

It said that while there is some evidence that the disposable paper can help people who cannot use toilet paper, it is not safe.

The IOC said it will continue to monitor the use and safety of disposable plastic bags, and will look at ways to improve the health and safety measures at venues where they are used.

According to the IOC, the use in Sochi was limited to one bag per person.

“If you use disposable paper and it comes with the bag, it should be kept at a low temperature for at least two hours,” IOC spokesperson Anna Burchard said in a statement.

“If it is used with a toilet paper bag, we recommend that you wash it immediately with cold water and soap.”